Wrangler's Knot - Deep Dive Sea Fishing

by welby

made for Ludum Dare 48 Game Jam

WASD - Movement

E - Angler Loop Knot the Chain, (only when in close enough range to highlight the chain-link) THIS WILL REEL IN THE CHAIN! It's also a good way to reset.

[NO SOUND] (in case you thought your audio was messed up haha)

Bringing fish close enough to the boat catches them.

Catching fish increases your Max Chain Length.

Try to create a long enough chain to catch the big boy at the bottom of the sea.

Known bugs on WebGL:

The largest "Goal" fish at the bottom is so big I had to push them, the remaining distance I couldn't reel in, into the boat to "collect" them. Also the flickering is due to the sprite flipping that I forgot to turn off for them. I'm sorry, bc it is very unpleasant to capture, haha.

Install instructions

Should run in browser, although poorly.
Try the Windows x86 downloadable executable for more optimal performance.


Wrangler's Knot - DDSF - Windows x86 Build.zip 19 MB
Wrangler's Knot - DDSF - Source Code and Unity Project 282 MB

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